Cypripidium Arietinum SOLD
Acrylic and Collage, 11" X 14"

Sara Gilbert is a graduate of the Pratt Institute Fine Arts program, exhibits frequently and has won many awards. Her home and studio are in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Current work: Non-traditional botanical paintings in acrylic with collage on canvas

I'm fascinated by flowers, mosses and small blossoms. They are at once so fragile and yet so enduring--a reflection of the human condition. The orchid, for me, is especially evocative. Its seemingly endless forms suggest human values, often so different yet often so historically repeated.

I work to express this complex biological reality in my acrylic-collages by juxtaposing realism, ornamentation and textural abstraction to create images that blend contemporary sensibilities with historical motifs and photographs, and incorporating modern versions of ancient materials and pigments.


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